Decorate Your Cell Phone

Your friends might have beautiful phone covers and so much more decorations done to their phones. Among them, does your phone looks a bit odd and ugly? You might even hesitate to use your phone in front of your friends. You probably have an idea of decorating your phone, isn’t it? Here is some creative ideas that you may try out to decorate your phone.

Ideas to decorate

You can use nail polish, first choose your favourite color of nail polish. You may also need to have nail polish remover. If your favourite nail polish color is not available at home you can get it from some beauty shop near your house. Before painting you should check for the warnings, go through the phone’s catalogue. Remove your phone’s back cover, this is just to make sure no nail polish will leak in to the phone’s battery and this will make it much easy for you to do your painting. With the aid of a tape cover up the camera. After that you need to select some attractive designs. You can check online for various designs. When you have chosen the design you can paint the back cover with the nail polish brush or if you think it is too thick you can get a thin brush to do your painting. One coat of nail polish would not be enough so apply at least two coats. Keep the phone to dry for around 6 hours, ensure you keep it away from dust and dirt..

Charms and phone covers

If you don’t want to spend time painting your phone you can purchase mobile accessories. These accessories include phone covers, charms, headphones, screen protectors etc. Type mobile accessories online shop in Singapore and you will get a list of several shops where you can easily place your order and get the products at your door step. Try to buy different colors of phone covers and order some charms too. For your phone’s protection you can buy a screen protector. These will definitely enhance the look of your phone.

Jewels and stickers

Various types of phone stickers are now available at toy stores or craft stores. You can also try out some eye catchy stickers, paste them on the back of your phone cover. Cut the stickers and paste it onto your nail polish design. Other than stickers you can use colorful jewels and crystals to give your phone a shiny look. Stones and jewels are available in nail design shops and in craft stores too. You create your own design and paste them where ever you think would be necessary.