Different Kind Of Arrangements For Weddings

Different cultures have different kinds of wedding that too in a different locations for example some people prefer getting married in a church, some like beach weddings and other stick to court marriage all these require different decoration, different attire some of which has been explained below.

Set ups for different weddings

Many people love the idea of a beach wedding and its looks great on pictures but it has to be decorated differently compared to other locations. As this outdoor, bridal planner needs to make sure they have a backup in case the weather changes for example they could have a tent if the weather looks gloomy and happen to rain and keep it simple with few different kinds of wedding flowers package Singapore such as bouquet, the flower band of the bride and the overall decoration. Although a church wedding sounds quite simple and plain, it could be made a bit grander if the whole church is decorated according to the theme with some roses near the entrance. Whereas a traditional Indian wedding would require a lot more time and effort with months of planning, this is also more costlier than the beach marriage.

Different attire to suit the theme

For a beach wedding, the bride could skip the long dress as it could get messy with all the sand. Instead she could go for a shorter dress and keep her hair in soft waves with a wedding flower hair piece. The groom could skip the formal and wear a shirt, pairing it up with some shorts and bowtie. This would ensure that they have fun at the wedding instead of being conscious about their outfit the whole time. For a church wedding the bride could wear her long white gown and pair it with some simple jewellery and have a long veil, the groom could wear the usual suit and pant. The Indian wedding would again require the bride to be in her traditional red dress with heavy jewellery but this trend has been changing now, as some Indian brides prefer wearing a white gown. The groom switches up their outfit, some like sticking to their Indian salwar whereas others prefer wearing a formal suit with tuxedo.

The wedding set up deco does change with the culture, or the preference of bride and groom. Some prefer having just one ceremony whereas others prefer having couple of different celebrations before they tie the knot. Although it requires the bride and groom to look their best, its important to make sure they are comfortable in what they wear and all the necessary precautions against things like weather has been taken care of.