How To Do A Facial At Home

Anyone would love to have a fresh, bright and smooth skin free of impurities, spots and dark circles. But it is rarely that we get the time to visit a salon every now and then to get a facial or a cleanup done. But there are methods to get a facial done at your own home while saving you the money and the time spent on visiting a salon or a spa. All you got to do is to follow a few simple steps of cleaning your skin, do a steam treatment, and put on a facial mask and use toner and moisturizer on the skin to finish up. Here is a basic process of a DIY facial.


First pull your hair tight behind, free your face and have it exposed without allowing any hair to fall. The first step is to remove any makeup, dirt or dust that may be on your face. For that, use your favorite or best facial serum or face wash that you know. Make sure you do not have any makeup left on your skin before you continue with the facial. After cleansing, use a face scrub to remove any dead cells that may be on your skin. You can make a scrub at home by mixing a tea spoon each of sugar, honey and milk together. After using the scrub, gently rub away any remaining dead skin and rinse your face with warm water. Pat your face gently using a fresh, clean cotton cloth and massage your face using your fingertips. Starting from your temples, give a gentle massage for your entire face for around 10 to 15 minutes.


The next step is to do a steam treatment to your face by holding your face onto a bowl of hot and steaming water as the steam taps your pores. This will open your pores for the next stages of the facial. Try putting an essential oil on the water or aromatic herbs to get a feeling of aromatherapy as well. Next step is to prepare a mask. You could mix squashed banana, aloe, avocado, cosmetic clay or papaya and mix one of them with a tablespoon of honey to create an effective facial mask. There are masks available in stores as well that match with the best facial serum Singapore you use depending on your skin type. However making your own mask would be fun. Leave the mask for 15 minutes and let it do its job. Meanwhile have two peels of cucumber on your eyes to remove and dark circles and later wash the mask off with water until all traces are removed.


To finish up, use a toner on your skin which could be easily bought from the store or home made to restore the balance and the brightness of skin and later use a creamy moisturizer that is free of alcohol and apply smoothly on the face to keep it from drying out.