How To Stop Your Earphones From Tangling

It is possible that you spend several minutes a day trying to get your headsets untangled. These tricky little wires seem to tie themselves into knots with very little effort. It does not matter where you leave them, it is inevitable that they will become entangled. In addition to being extremely tiresome, it is also not good for your headset to become intertwined. It can cause them to fray.

Luckily, there are solutions to this problem. Now, when you buy earphones in Singapore, you do not have to worry about them becoming knotted. Here is how you can make sure that your wires stay separate from one another:

Get Devices

There are a great deal of devices that you can get to keep your headset from getting tangled up. These type of structures allow you to wrap up the wires in a particular way. This prevents the wires from getting knotted up with one another. Many of these accessories can be bought when you buy earphones. They can also be found in stores that sell electrical items or similar devices. They can be found in a variety of designs and styles. Some simply allow you to wrap the wires up while others have ingenious of storing your headset.

Figure Out the Pattern

If you do not want to spend any money to keep your wires from getting entwined, you have another option. This involves perfecting the art of typing up your headset. Here are the basic instructions: first, hold out your hand with the third and fourth finger tucked and the second and pinkie extended. Use your thumb to press the ear piece against your palm. Then, wrap the wires in a figure eight pattern around your second and fifth finger. When there is about eight inches of cable left, wrap it around the middle of the figure eight. You can then tuck the remaining inch or so into the centre.

Wrap It Up

The final technique is a distinctly colourful option and involves lots of string. Remember the friendship bracelets that you used to braid when you were younger? Well the time has come again to pick up the art of braiding once more. This is because the thicker the wires are, the less likely they are to get ensnared. Choose about two colours of twine, tie it around the base and begin wrapping it around like a friendship bracelet. Your headset will be functional and extremely attractive too!

These are the best ways to keep your earphones from getting wrapped up with one another. Try out these methods and see how they work!