Life Lessons To Learn From Corporate Entities

Have you ever thought about the fact that big, corporate entities can teach everyone (particularly the government bureaucracy) some good lessons? While corporate have many characteristics that should not be emulated, they are also incredibly successful at what they do. Here are some life lessons we can learn from big companies to apply to our own search for success.

Working in a Team

No company can achieve all it achieves without a team working together, as one cohesive unit, towards one goal. The watchword here is cohesion. Large tech companies like Apple, Google and even Facebook rely on thousands of employees sometimes scattered around the world, to do their jobs properly in order for their products and services to be the best in the market. Without cohesion, this cannot be achieved. Similarly, if we don’t have cohesion in our life, we will never achieve our goals. It’s alright to try different things; but if we don’t have some goal in our mind and work our way systematically towards that, we will never reach it. For instance, if you want to build your own company some day, find ways to gain the experience, exposure and connections in the relevant field, and do so over several years. If not, you will remain working for someone else who did.

Marketing Oneself Effectively

Big companies are so well known because of the effectiveness of their corporate identity branding. Entire marketing and branding departments are dedicated to help disseminate the company’s name and identity among the public. Think about the most popular fizzy drink in the world, Coca Cola.

Despite overwhelming scientific evidence that the drink is bad for your health, people persist in drinking it, not because they are oblivious to the facts but because the company’s corporate identity branding as the ‘drink of youth’ is too powerful to resist. Bring this over to your life as well. What’s the most marketable skill you have? Build your public image around that and disseminate it through your CVs, social media and in personal networking. If ‘reliable’ is your trait, then design a CV that looks super sharp and professional, work to actually be reliable and promote posts and other content on your social media sites that connote reliability.

Finding the Easiest Way to Do Something

The lazy man will always find the easiest, fastest way to do something, because he is lazy. Most corporate entities follow this principle, and that makes them efficient. Efficiency leads to higher productivity, which translates to better results, higher revenue. Follow this principle in your life too; just because it’s the way things have been done for 100 years doesn’t mean it should be carried on. If you can find a better, faster way to do something, go for it.