Simple Guide To Fix And Replace The Leaking Toilet Bowl

You walk into the toilet in the middle of the night and realize that your feet are wet. You notice that the bathroom floor is filled with water. A leak in the middle of the night is the last thing you’d want to encounter. While leaks in the plumbing system are quite common problems, some of it could be fixed on your own. In the event, the problem doesn’t cease even after fixing it’s time to call the plumbers. These professionals are equipped with the skills, tools and experience to find the most suitable solution. One common problem that you might experience is a leak in the toilet bowl.
Therefore, it will stress you, as it’s dangerous if you have kids or elders at home and of course the spiking water bills. As a fact, you need to take immediate action prior to the problem escalating. Do you have the basic skills involved with plumbing? If not, this guide will be helpful to both who are skilled and who are amateurs. With a that said, here’s a simple guide to fix the leakage problem that frustrates you:
# Step 1:
In order to start with the toilet bowl repair, you should shut off the main supply that gives water to the bathroom pipelines. As a fact, you could start working on it, without having to worry about the mess. Now, flush the toilet so empty the tank. Remove the excess water with the help of a large sponge. Next detach the supply pipe using a set of pliers.
# Step 2:
Examine the washers located at the base of the toilet and unscrew them. Afterwards, remove the nuts and bolts that keep the toilet bowl in place. Now, lift it carefully and keep it aside on a flat and soft surface. Keep away the other parts in a safe place, until you would need it later.
# Step 3:
You would now have to scrape off the old flange with the help of a flat tool such as a potty knife. You would even notice that the wax around the toilet bowl is no more. This could be the main reason for the leak. Now, you could replace the new wax seal about the flange. It should be placed with extreme accuracy and precision to avoid further leakages.
# Step 4:
Next, to complete the toilet bowl repair, place the toilet bowl carefully on top of the flange and fasten it properly with the nuts and bolts. Replace the washers back and tighten it and exert some pressure down to fasten it in place. Afterwards, you could reconnect the main water supply and turn the valve to the bathroom.
You’re kids, elders, etc. might be at risk of falling and injuring themselves, if you don’t fix this problem. As a fact, Grab the necessary tools and follow the aforementioned pointers. You’d have the leakage fixed soon and use the bathroom safely, without dampen floors or falls.