The Importance Of Maintaining Your Health And Hygiene

One’s health is considered the most important aspect to maintain in order to enjoy a long and comfortable life. The importance of maintaining one’s health was given high regard even centuries ago, and cleanliness was identified as one of the easiest way in which to achieve this. In fact, John Wesley once said that “..Cleanliness is indeed next to Godliness”. Such recognition depicted that maintaining good health and hygiene were inseparable from each other.
One’s health also extends beyond physical health and includes one’s mental health as well, and maintenance here too, is required.
Daily habits
Your daily habits can contribute greatly in terms of good; or poor; health. Obvious daily habits such as brushing your teeth twice a day are in fact some of the most important, as oral hygiene is a key factor in maintaining overall good health. Another crucial way is to always keep your hands clean, and wash them thoroughly before and after meals, after using a bathroom, and after touching pets or the like. Your hands transfer large amounts of bacteria, some seriously dangerous to your health, due to the fact that we employ our hands in almost every angle activity we undertake. Daily eating habits can also affect your health. Eating home cooked meals full of several kinds of vegetables, healthy proteins such as steamed chicken, and fruit for dessert, will ensure that your body receives good nutrition. Including juices and a lot of water into your day will keep your body hydrated and provide necessary vitamins.

Getting check-ups
Getting a general check-up at least twice a year is a good habit to keep. This will enable your physician to identify any anomalies regarding your health. Generally, some of these tests are offered free of charge for senior citizens, such as free hearing test in Singapore and free eye tests. The significance of a check-up increases as you get older, as you are more susceptible to health issues as you age. Therefore, keeping your body in check is a great way in which to avoid serious illnesses.
Daily exercise
Exercise and fitness are strong factors in ensuring longevity and good health. Daily exercise of at least thirty minutes will provide your body with energy while also burning fat, and keeping your joints fit. It can also be a way in which you can maintain a strong body, and it could even lower your chances of contracting diseases such as arthritis or joint swelling. Strong and healthy bones also require plenty of calcium, iron, and vitamin C, in addition to exercise.