Throw A Super Hero Theme Party

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All little kids (and even some of the older ones) love super heroes. Pretty much every kids has a favourite super hero and even their least favourite villain. The recent release of multiple movies featuring super heroes has only added to the increased interest on the part of little kids everywhere in their favourite super hero and even the idea of having super powers. If your child loves super heroes then maybe you should throw them a super hero themed birthday party this year! Here are some party ideas…
Superhero invites
You can really go to town with the party invites depending on how committed you are to the party theme. You can easily buy super hero themed party invites online or even at your local party supplies store. If you can’t find one you like or one that features your child’s favourite super hero, then you could look for designs online and have them printed. If you want kids in costume then state so clearly on the invite. Read this article to gain knowledge about the tshirt printing company that have been delivering top-notch services.
Party prep
Party décor is going to be the most fun! You can have super hero themed paper plates, cups and even paper napkins. Today, you can even get balloons that feature super heroes on them – all of this will add to the atmosphere and will indicate that the party celebrates super heroes. If you have asked that the children come in costume – have on hand a few extra super hero masks and even consider getting some t-shirts for them to wear. You could speak to a tshirt printing shop to get super hero t-shirts done.
Alternately, you could even consider tshirt printing Singapore for a great party favour – get a picture of a super hero and print a slogan saying something like ‘ I went for a super hero party’ or include your child’s name on the t-shirt. You can also have lots of balloons and posters of heroes hung up as décor.
Super hero food
You definitely need a super hero themed birthday cake. You could either get many featured on the cake or if you are making the cake at home have a plain cake and stick some action figures on top – easy and yum! You could also serve normal party food like cupcakes and hot dogs and fries. Just give them cool labels. Add a super heroes name to the label or say something like made by and a super hero’s name. Cupcakes can also be decorated to represent different super heroes. Have even the drinks labelled things like truth serum or super power potion – the kids will love that!