Tips On Making Your Stay Overseas Successful

Have you noticed that when life gives you opportunities, it doesn’t really wait around to ask you for permission? It doesn’t stop to see if this is the most convenient time for this particular opportunities—it just dishes it out, and expects you to go with it, or pass it up.

Getting the chance or a scholarship to study abroad can sometimes feel this way. As new and exciting as it sounds, you can’t help but be a little hesitant; wondering if you are cut out to survive so far away from your family. This can be especially challenging if you’re very close to your family.But if you decide to take the chance; then here are a few things you can do in your stay overseas to ensure that you take full advantage of it.

Make use of your extra time.

Most newcomers to studying overseas spend a lot of their time, simply wondering what to do. If you have a lot of free time at hand, consider getting yourself some part time work in Singapore. If you can manage to find a part time job in the field connected to your future career, then that’s brilliant. It’ll make your CV attractive. But even you can’t, don’t be despaired as you can put the money you earn to good use. We know a student’s life can be expensive; so you can use your money on your daily expenses too.

Make new friends and explore the culture.

Even with temporary work, we know it’s possible to have ample free time. If this is your first time away from home, no doubt you might be lonely and home sick as well. To fill in this time, and to chase away the loneliness, go out and make friends. With their help (or without) explore the new country you live in and experience their culture. After all, you’re not going to be “new to the country” everyday; so take chances and have fun!

Develop new language skills.

No doubt, English is a very important language to know. But if the country you live in speaks more languages, then take time to learn those languages as well. Not only will it make you stay overseas easier (with dealing with locals and haggling with vendors); but it will also come in useful in future for your career. Really, we can’t stress on how advantages knowing a few extra languages can be, in any chosen field of work.

Find yourself abroad!

There’s no better place to discover yourself than when you are all alone, and forced to handle life as it comes. In the period that you spend overseas, make yourself independent. Take chances and explore things; yourself included! Where at home people might expect you to behave a certain way (because of how well they know you), you can be “brand new” in your stay overseas. Get to know your strengths and your weaknesses; trust us, you’ll be glad you took the time for this once you get back home…