Why Is Oral Health Important?

As much as all the other parts of your body the health of your mouth is very important. As we eat and drink many food particles get stored in our mouths which make it a place where different oral germs are quickly bred and taking care of your teeth and the mouth should take an important place in your life.

Different aspects of your mouth such as your throat, teeth, tongue and odour depicts the health condition of the different parts of our body and therefore keeps a close watch as certain diseases can be identified from your mouth.

Your teeth

Teeth are the strongest bones in our body which helps to tear the food particles into smaller pieces and make them easier to digest. Having a healthy palette of teeth is very important as the broken and tarnished teeth can decrease the oral health.

There are many ways your teeth can get diseased out of which the most harmful is the deposition of bacteria around the root of the teeth making cavities and weakening the teeth. After a few days of cavities the teeth will become so weak and eventually fall off. Fallen teeth can be replaced by inserting a bridge through dental surgery in Singapore, but however, it will not be as effective as your own natural teeth.

Another way that your teeth gets damaged is when extreme cold or heat is always made in contact as it will damage the protective enamel of your teeth resulting in sensitive teeth. To avoid such discomfort, avoid extremely hot or cold food and beverages as a regular consumption habit.

Not brushing and flossing your teeth on time and lead to food particles getting scattered around teeth and discolouring them and once again resulting in the roots of the teeth becoming weak. Make sure to brush your teeth twice a day and at least floss them once a month.


Your voice is produced by the vibration of the vocal chords which are placed in your throat and that too are a part of your oral health. If you are prone to getting sore throat all the time avoid extremely cold beverages especially during night. The cold beverages can accumulate phlegm on your throat resulting in sore throat.

If your vocal chords are not taken proper care of you will slowly start losing your voice and your voice start becoming rough and unpleasant. Especially if you are engaged in a career like singing, news presenting, acting or teaching your voice is very important and must be kept unique throughout.

Tongue and jaws

The ideal colour of your tongue should be pink or rosy red which will depict that you are having healthy internal organs. Discolouring and black dots on your tongue will show that you are having diseases associated with the liver and lungs.

To protect your jaw and tongue make sure you get proper gum treatment at least twice a year and brush your tongue well while youre brushing your teeth. Regular brushing can avoid the odour and discolouring of your tongue and jaws.

Make sure to pay close attention to your oral health as much as the rest of your body as the above article shows in order to avoid diseases and discomfort.